Rhode Island School of Design I RISD

Interior Architecture

Milan Studio / Prototyping the domestic environment


Eduardo Benamor Duarte, Assistant Professor | 401-454-6227 | eduarte@risd.edu

Prototyping the Domestic environment:Works by Rhode Island School of Design students from the Interior Architecture program at the Salone Satellite, Milano Salone Del Mobile 2012

Prototyping the Domestic environment is a collection of a series of objects focused on the formal adaptation of utilitarian furniture pieces into domestic spatial components. The works explore the paradigm that designers creative process can be driven by the manipulation of formal components prior to the association with a given use. As much as the student’s affection to the primary utilitarian objects, the works question the extent that a particular shape can be repurposed in size, use and context: while maintaining their geometrical properties and becoming adapted from objects-in-space to space-objects.

In a production world with increasing opportunities for mass-customization of physical and virtual experiences, the individual appropriation of scale and use offers a prolific opportunity in the design of the domestic environment. All works share a common point of departure from which individual recursive abstract geometrical operations were performed. Once adapted to a function, fabrication process and size, every work become an hybrid between interior component and a new furniture type. Whether window screens, wallpaper or bookshelves; Lighting screens or office-room dividers, the new objects are devices for tactile or optical sensory exploration or kinetic transformation: movable, collapsible or merely constantly rearranged in a constant inter-play between user, object and space.

Eduardo Benamor Duarte

(Faculty/ Rhode Island School of Design–Interior Architecture)


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