+ ONE Modular Shelving

+ONE modular shelving form was derived from a second hand chair. The original form of the chair was manipulated and explored in both 2D and 3D to create a new modular form. The module was then re-configured such that it generates a new function: a wall divider and storage unit.  Overall dimensions will vary as configurations begin with three, and have the possibility to grow to an entire wall as more modules are added. The playfulness and flexibility of its form creates unique environments and encourages user experimentation.

The product is intended to be mass-produced allowing the consumer to customize the size, color and finish of their system.

Details of the Furniture: 

NAME : + ONE Modular Shelving

DESIGN: Room divider & Shelving system


DIMENSIONS OF THE MODULE: 35″ L x 15″ W x 15″ H.

YEAR : 2012

DESIGNER: Erin Truax & Sandhya Jethnani


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