Tactile Stars

The piece is three-dimensional wallpaper. The piece titled “tactile stars” is a layer that can be applied to a blank wall, a blank glass or hung in space to change the visual rhythm of the space.  Process of exploration involved abstracting the five points of the five petals of a block fan into a pentagon and applying the process of fractal growth to the pentagon. This final version uses colored acrylic, cut into pieces as designed, put together using rivets and applied to a blank wall/ glass with use of suction cups.

Description of the piece:

NAME : Tactile Stars

DESIGN: 3-D Wallpaper


DIMENSIONS: 4′ x 7.6′

YEAR : 2012

DESIGNER: Aarti Kathuria & Srikirti sreedhar


Use : 3-D Wallpaper

Size: Customized size

Material: Acrylic

Designer:Aarti Kathuria & Srikirti Sreedhar


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